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vintoCON Ltd. is a Hungarian CAFM software developer and solution provider company. vintoCON was established by the former management of Graphisoft‘s ArchiFM business department in 2005. We are committed to create Europe’s leader CAFM technology utilizing the most up-to-date BIM (Building Information Model) technology, and the freedom of a web application.

The archifm.net technology is the first and true BIM computer aided facility management software solution since 1998, when the first ArchiFM version was released. With more than 20 years of experience in software development mixed with dynamism and the full focus on the CAFM market made vintoCON a leading Central European CAFM technology and service provider. The flagship product of vintoCON is archifm.net that includes all kinds of asset and space management functionality with the powerful combination of professional building maintenance management services. The archifm.net web solution, the related implementation and project management services are brought to the market in the Japan, USA, Austria, Hungary, Germany, and in numerous other countries by a direct-sales organization in combination with a network of independent partner companies.

As the FM profession is very diversified we found important to partner with other software vendors who supplement additional software products and services, with whom we can provide full scale solutions for our customers. Such products are the OrthoGraph Architect building surveying software running on iPad or Share Your Design for supporting the collaboration of architects, building operators and construction people.

vintoCON’s core product that is sold worldwide is the archifm.net FM software system. As a web based facility management software solution it can be used as a standalone system installed by the end-user, but it is also available as a hosted service. The SaaS (Software as a Service) model makes it possible to have rapid implementations without the hassles of setting up a local dedicated IT environment and an IT team to manage the system.

If you are looking for the best BIM based CAFM software solution, then please come and check out archifm.net, try it before buying it. You will be convinced by archifm.net’s functionality, and impressed by its simple to use user interface.

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